FAQ by prospective students @ California State University, Long Beach

Aug 2018

FAQ by prospective students @ California State University, Long Beach

1. What are the places where students from csulb live?
Below are the apartments where students prefer to stay.

  1. Park Avenue Apartments
  2. Beverly Plaza Apartments
  3. Patio Gardens
  4. Alvista Apartments

2. What is monthly cost of living?
$ 600/month - $ 700/month on an average. Expense may differ depending upon your standard of living.

3. How much is the tuition fees?
For 3 courses, 9 credits total fees would be $7250 approx. Usually you have to take 30 credits to complete the course. If you get on-campus job, then you will be able to save some money and pay your last semester’s tuition fees.

4. How much is the insurance cost?
It is $1100 /year approx.

5. What are the transport options available for going to university?
University Shuttle service is available from Monday to Thursday 7:15AM to 10:45PM. This is free service. This works in limited areas. The apartments mentioned in housing section have the shuttle stops. Long Beach Transit Bus service is also available. You will get ‘Tap Card’ from university cahier’s department at Brotman Hall. Tap card provides free access to Long Beach Transit Bus service.

6. What are the type of on-campus jobs available? How to apply for this?
We have lot of on campus jobs available. Both technical and non-technical jobs are available. You can also contact your respective faculties for Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant position. For Technical Jobs you may need to visit notice boards of all the departments. They usually post their requirements on notice boards. You will also get emails from college deans or department chair regarding the opening.

Technical jobs
Application Process: You will get an email from department or faculty regarding this. You can talk to your faculties in person or email them and ask about the RA positions. You can also ask your friends or seniors for referring you at their work place.

  • Research Assistant (RA)
    Responsibilities: Work under professor and help them in their research project.
    Pay: $15/hr is average salary. However these roles can be unpaid as well.

  • Technical Assistant (TA)
    Responsibilities: Help faculty in handling labs or conducting sessions. You may also need to help with exams and assignments.
    Pay: $11/hr - $15/hr is salary range.

  • Graduate Assistant (GA)
    Responsibilities: Help in clerical work of the department like documentation, planning, data entry etc.
    Pay: $11/hr - $15/hr is salary range.

  • Student Assistant (SA)
    Responsibilities: You may have to work in a lab as a student technician or work as a developer for any department at school.
    Pay: $15/hr is average salary.

Non-technical jobs
Application process: Apply online or ask your fiends or seniors to refer at their work place.
Pay: $11

7. How much time it takes to complete the course?
2 years is the normal duration to complete the course. But you can also complete the course in 1.5 years.

8. Do we have internships opportunities?
If you are seriously look for the internships, then you can manage to get one. You must apply for internships online. You can also ask your friends and seniors to refer you at their work place. You can also opt for unpaid internships. This will help you to gain industry experience.

9. How many students get fulltime job after Graduation?
Almost everyone gets job after graduation. Time taken to find a job will differ from person to person. Pay scale will depend on the total years of experience and your skill set. You must apply for jobs through online job portals like LinkedIn or can apply through company website. You can ask your seniors or friends to refer you at their work place.

Note: Above responses are based on personal experiences. We don't claim it to be 100% accurate.
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